The Menagerie

The Menagerie PDF (7TV 1st edition)


Deep in Siberia, a madman holds sway over a cult of mutants in a crumbling underground military base. And then Department X agents Hugo Solomon and Pandora King accidentally drop in…

19 PDF pages of 7TV adventure deep in the wilds of Russia. Contains 5 New Star, Co-Star and Extra profiles, a gripping all new episode to get playing, 5 pages of excellent stand up scenery to build, 2 pages of cast lists, new pages of scripts from the lost TV episode ‘Department X and the Iron Menagerie’ and an exclusive PayPal link to get more than 20 miniatures at a great price.

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Hugo Solomon and Pandora King crash land in Siberia and awake in captivity – and their captor isn’t human. A Russian religious leader, twisted by the radiation from a fallen Alien spaceship has gathered a cult of human hybrids around him and is determined to rule his petty kingdom by force. This PDF contains:

  • The Scripts: Script extracts from the Department X episode “… And the Iron Menagerie”
  • The Personalities: Profiles for all the heroic and villainous protagonists
  • The Episode: A fiendish plan to escape and help an alien captive. Top 7TV action!
  • The Fiddly Bit: 5 pages of awesome cardboard standup scenery to print + construct
  • The Offer: An exculsive Deal to get all the models you need for this episode at a knockdown price
  • The Cast Lists: 2 Cast Lists already filled out to get you playing in no time
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