Heroes Programme Guide

Heroes Programme Guide PDF (7TV 1st edition)


Find out more about three of 7TV‘s most popular shows in this 128 page sourcebook. Inside you’ll find full backgrounds, stats, casts, locations, gadgets, vehicles, weapons and events for Department X, The Man From 2000 and The Beat.

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The Heroes Programme Guide details three 7TV casts in maximum detail. This 128 page PDF contains the following:

  • Making… : The off-screen history behind each programme
  • Watching… : The on-screen history of the show, compiled from it’s numerous episodes
  • Episode Guide: A brief synopsis of all known surviving episodes
  • Script Extracts: Get a flavour of the show with these sparkling script extracts
  • Playing… : Tactics,  exclusive Event cards, new Special Effects and Vehicles for you to play with
  • Locations: All the most important locations connected with the show
  • The Cast of … : Full profiles for all of the most important figures, including Hugo Solomon, Pandora King,  Tweedy Mattison, Darius, The Man From 3000, DI Frank Skelton. Plus archetypes such X-Commandos, Time Lift Security and Beat Detectives; and rules for playing Time Lost and Criminal casts too!
  • New Episodes: Get to play three classic episodes from the 7TV archives including The Hands of S.H.I.V.A, E=MC Scared and The Party Seven Samurai, each with full cast lists