7TV Apocalypse Box

7TV: Apocalypse Boxed Game

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7TV:Apocalypse is designed for cinematic style skirmish games. If you love an old dystopian television show or post-apocalyptic film and wish you could realize it on the tabletop – well, now you can! Designed to work with the 7TV 2nd edition rules, the 7TV:Apocalypse rules contained within this box are stand alone, but are intended to allow players to run games within the many worlds of the post-apocalyptic genre.
This boxed set includes:

  • Director’s Guide – 48 page rulebook covering all the skirmish and vehicle combat rules
  • Producer’s Guide – 48 page rulebook to help you build your casts and creating a ratings-winning production of 7TV:Apocalypse
  • 120 profile and unit cards
  • 45 countdown cards
  • 20 gear cards
  • 20 mutation cards
  • 36 vehicle mod cards
  • 5 vehicle profile cards
  • 20 plot point counters
  • 27 acrylic status and objective tokens
  • 1 acrylic blast/turn/flamethrower template
  • 1 pewter maguffin token
  • 6 six-sided dice
  • 3 skid dice and 1 crash die

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