7TV 2nd edition Boxed Game + 2 Starter Casts

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Big it up with this mega 7TV 2nd edition starter deal, and save £20! 16 pewter models of your choice, plus the box contains all the cards, rules, tokens and templates you need to get your spy-fi on. Create heroic or villainous casts from more than 100 different model and vehicle profiles. This deal contains:

  • 16 pewter models, two great starter casts to get you playing
  • 48 page Directors Guide: All the rules you need to play
  • 32 page Producers Guide: Build casts and play episodes
  • 74 Heroic & 73 Villainous Profile cards
  • 45 Countdown cards & 20 Gadget cards
  • 20 Plot point counters & 27 status and objective tokens
  • 1 Maguffin counter & 1 3″/5″/flame template
  • 6 six-sided dice

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These rules are also available as a free PDF – just check out this page.

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Villainous Cast Required Crime Starter Cast, Mad Science Starter Cast, Minions Starter Cast, Occult Starter Cast
Heroic Cast Required Action Starter Cast, Army Starter Cast, Police Starter Cast
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