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7th Voyage is a tabletop miniatures game set in the world of classic stop motion mythic fantasy films of the 60s and 70s. Fight across the tabletop as your favourite heroes or villains – be they demigods, vile tyrants or the horrifying beasts of legend – and all at 24 frames per second! So grab some popcorn from the foyer and get ready to set sail with 7th Voyage!

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“No Sunday afternoon seems complete without a family action-fantasy movie.  Thoughts of a return to the classroom were banished for a couple of hours on the sofa, as legendary heroes clashed with stop motion monsters thanks to larger-than-life producer Sidney Barron and his collaboration with Rough Diamond Studios.”

Gibson Matthews, Cult Zone Magazine, May 1992

7th Voyage brings the world of stop motion movies and action-adventure programmes to life as a tabletop miniatures game.

Based upon the myths of Ancient Greece, and the fables and stories of the Arabian Nights, you take command of the heroes or villains of legend. Whether you want to quest for the Golden Fleece or raid the nests of the fabled Rocs, 7th Voyage enables you to play out your favourite on-screen action as the story unfolds.

This stylish retro rulebook contains within its 96 pages:

  • The Rules: Easy to learn D6 based mechanics to get you playing sharpish
  • The Casting Couch: 6 Star, 6 Co-Star and 32 Extra archetypes to customise to create your own cast – from Dashing Rogues  to stop motion skeleton warriors!
  • Special Effects: 70 special abilities to let your cast make the most of the action
  • Magic: A brand new, simple to use magic system with 18 spell cards to bring your fantasy films to life
  • Film Guide: Stats for the most famous heroes from 4 all time classic Barron  movies
  • Scene Guide: 18 Event cards and 27 Gifts of the Gods cards to upset your opponent’s plans during play. Now is the time to utilise some Ropey CSO with your Flying Carpet! Plus 7 quick play episodes and a 4 part campaign
  • Location Manager: Details and rules for all kinds of scenic settings for your games, from busy markets to ruined island temples
  • Appendices: All the tables, cards, tokens and pages you need to play. Everything you need is also downloadable free from the Crooked Dice website.