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Gruesome 7TV spinoff horror 7ombieTV is 64 full colour pages of standalone zombie skirmish rules, based on the 7TV rules but completely standalone. 7ombieTV Cards and Tokens are also available. Click on the Description tab below for more gory details.

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7TV meets the Zombie apocalypse! 69 pages of standalone 1980s zombie uprising miniatures rules with all the rules you need to get playing 4 nailbiting episodes of zombie horror. Fully compatible with our award winning spy-fi miniatures rules, 7TV

“Movie-goers of the time were pressed into their seats by such offerings as the desperate strangers fleeing The Walking Plague, the post-apocalyptic Zombieville, USA, and the tense psychological drama of The Last House On Earth.” – Helena Rodings, Splatterhouse Magazine

7ombieTV contains:

  • Background into 7TV Studio’s ill-advised 1980s foray into the horror film genre
  • The gnawed-down rules of 7TV to get you playing long before the dawn comes up
  • New rules and weaponry to immerse you fully into the horror of the zombie apocalypse
  • 1 new heroic Star, 11 new heroic Co-Stars and 3 heroic Extras – from the Kid to the Natural Leader
  • 4 Zombie Co-Stars and 2 Zombie Extras – get hounded by the Zombie Dog or splattered by the Bloater!
  • 13 all new Guest Stars possibly drawn from various existing film and TV sources, all ready to kick some zombie ass!
  • 9 new Event cards – from Sewer Rats to a Desperate Last Stand – to get some edge of the sofa surprises in
  • 27 all new Scavenge cards – use what you can find to battle the zombie hordes. We include everything from the creepy Dolls Head to the over-the-top Lawnmower
  • 4 nail biting new Episodes – play wth a friend or by yourself if all your buddies have been eaten alive
  • 7 pages of DIY ‘cabin in the woods’ building to assemble then run towards only to find you’re trapped in by the mobs of ravening dead
  • 7ombieTV style tokens, templates, cast list and reference pages
  • A handy list of suitable manufacturers of miniatures and scenery
  • 3 pages of film posters – some of the creepiest, goriest and most notorious of 7TV Studios output in their theatrical release promo glory