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5 heads for £7

Five Accessories for £8 Deal


We have LOTS of heads, weapons, accessories, weird arms and bits and bobs available for use in conversions or anything you fancy. Click on the Description tab below to see what’s available, then use this Deal to purchase what you’d like. You can have any combination of 5 of them – 5 all different, 5 all the same, any mix you like.

Simply note which 5 accessories you would like when you checkout.

In Stock


We currently have the following available in our 5 for £7 Deal:

Alien Minion heads, Astronaut heads, Daredevil Helmet heads, Daredevil Unhelmeted heads, Dolly Bird heads, Envoy Weapons, Evil Mastermind heads, Failed Experiment arms, Failed Experiment heads,  Female Minion heads, Fighting Men heads, Flamboyant Agent heads, Hard Hat heads, Henchmen heads, Human Minion heads, Military Men heads, Minion Weapons, Scientist heads, Saurian heads, Simian heads, Time Lift Security Helmet & Weapon, Time Lift Security Backpack and Scanner, Time Lift Security Cap heads