SHIVA is an ultra-mysterious organisation; most people do not know of its existence, and of those only a few know what the initials mean: The Secret Headquarters of International Villainous Agents. Atop its pinnacle of evil stands The Guru, a mystical mean, worshipped by all those below him. He inspires fanatical devotion and is ruthless in his demands and expectations. All of SHIVA exists to serve The Guru, and he demands world domination.

The agents of SHIVA strike from the shadows, dealing out death and destruction, before slipping back into darkness, leaving behind mayhem and confusion. The Guru can call on trusted henchmen to bring their skills to a battle, while his armies of Cultists, Thuggees and Minions form waves of unstoppable attackers. The Daughters of SHIVA. perform surgical killing strikes while the towering Destroyer sweeps all before it with its massive stone scimitars and pounding fists.