• Copper and Bronze! Fear the Robo-Minion!


  • Oo! Oo! Oo! They want to be like you!

  • Oi, Sunshine! Shut it!

  • In that outfit, Lancelot Cray knew that Kitty Stroker wasn't hiding anything.

  • These Federated Security guards would secure the lunchbox – whatever the cost!

  • Colour co-ordination was very important to the security guard about town.

  • Hide and seek in the graveyard was the statues' favourite game.

  • Solomon had to be careful or one of those Femdroids would have his eye out.

  • Darius enjoyed the Lotus position - especially at 200 M.P.H.

  • The lunchtime rush at the S.H.I.V.A. canteen was a nightmare.

  • Dr Landau impressed the other eggheads with his new cordless TV remote.

  • Misty thought the opposition were real rotters!

  • "'Allo, 'Allo, 'Allo! What's going on 'ere then?"

  • The only thing more expensive than jet fuel was the Daredevils' dry cleaning bill.

  • Sinbad confronted Al'Kadar before the wizard had had a chance to dry his hands!

  • Ratzi and LeBrock investigate

February 2014 News

Start it up! Boxed Sets and FedSec for February

We have another pack of Federated Security (£9 for 3 or £3.25 each) for you this month – supported by a new Heavy Trooper (£3.50).

February also sees the release of our first two Starter Sets. Start a new 7TV cast or expand an existing one with these boxed sets – plus they give you a nice saving compared to the individual packs! This month we bring you S.H.I.V.A set (13 models) and a Minions (14 models) Starter Sets – for £25 each. We’ve supported these packs with a free PDF cast list, just follow the links.

Our recent sale has caused various items to fall out of stock, please bear with us while we respin the moulds and get them back in.

Deal of the Month: Spend £40+ on non-new release stuff and get any PDF* worth up to £10 free! Let us know what you’d like when you checkout and we’ll send you a manual download link ASAP. *: 7th Voyage PDFs excluded.

Mid January Sale!


From now until the end of January get 25% all our miniatures (excluding New Releases) using the code JAN25OFF when you checkout. Any problems let us know.

January 14 News

ARC Moonbase Crew floating around somewhere!

+++ARC SIGFILE 030114+++ All 5 missing ARC Moonbase Crew have now been safely recovered from the crash site of the Lunar Explorer – Commander, Science Officer, 2x Officers, Security Guard. Available singly (3.25 credits) or as a Deal (15 credits). January 2014 Deal of the Month comprises 6x previous ARC Astronaut models (10 credits) when purchased with the Moonbase Crew Deal. +++ARC SIGFILE ENDS+++

Merry Christmas from Crooked Dice!

It’s 22nd of December and we are going a bit more part-time during the festive season. Orders will still go out on a few days, but please allow some extra time for things to happen, as we’ll be kicking back with our families and taking a bit of a break.

Meanwhile, thank you all so much for supporting us to this point. We have some big plans, so hopefully you’ll stay with us going forwards. Have a great Christmas and New Year, and we’ll see you in 2014! (The ARC Moonbase Crew will go up in the store on January 4th).

Graeme, Karl and everyone who helps get things done at Crooked Dice!

December 13 News

Kneel before S.H.I.V.A.!

Lots of new goodies in store to to bring you Christmas cheer.

Standing almost the height of three men, The Destroyer is an animated construct created to smash the enemies of S.H.I.V.A. Taking great strides, The Destroyer uses its great scimitars to sweep all before it, and its huge fists to hammer any that remain standing. It is totally without remorse, created only to destroy. Sculpted by Andrew May – all 80mm of him!

Next is Bolo who serves the Guru as his master trainer and personal bodyguard. His regime is so demanding that some participants do not survive the experience. He leads three Thuggees who are devoted to the art of killing the enemies of S.H.I.V.A., striking without mercy and disappearing back into the shadows. Plus you can turn even the most mundane Minion into a turbaned terror with this set of three Thuggee heads!

And finally we have a Repair Drone. With almost all of Ulysses Argo’s minions being made of metal, keeping them in working order is critical. His Repair Drones scuttle around affecting ad-hoc fixes during battles, deftly welding plates back on or performing quick rewires. Although not designed for combat, their appendages can deal out nasty injuries. Sculpted by Andrew Maclachlan.


We go mad and release everything!

Be quiet while we impart vast amounts of information to your small heads! First, the metal: The Guru (new sculpt) and Kali for £8 are all villainous here. Four Cultists for late night rituals, hire them for £12 here. Two deals of four Savage Schoolgirls, suitable for zombie horror or other survival genres, at £12 per deal here and here.

Then we have the print version of the Villain Programme Guide, which combines the individual S.H.I.V.A., Argonaut and United Radionics Programme Guides. £20+postage, here. I will add the PDF versions and the 2 page PDF update featuring new rules for Bolo and the all new S.H.I.V.A. Destroyer (coming soon!) err… soon.

AND if that wasn’t enough, if you spend £60+ on miniatures and/or PDFs you can get 10% off with the code ZOMBIEMILEYCYRUS.

Lastly rough last order dates for Christmas: 2nd Dec (RoW), 5th Dec (Europe) and 16th Dec (UK). Give or take, and there’s no accounting for those charming customs people.


More Future Freedom Fighters!

Forgot to mention this, but we have another two Future Freedom Fighters out. Both have their reasons to fight the oppressive Federated Security apparatus, but only once they’ve done their hair and put on some suitably Disco clothes. Get them here. And there’s also this PDF, which has been recently updated with three new profiles.


Supplements land in Store!

Exciting news here at Crooked Dice North! We have restocks of the For Ghouls and Colleges 7ombieTV book which comes complete with the cards, and also the 7th Voyage supplement Myths & Monsters available in print for the first time.


United Radionics and Robo-Minions released!

October is here, and we have the United Radionics Programme Guide available, with our Deal of the Month featuring the PDF and discounted miniatures. We also have 3 new Robo-Minions to supplement The Argonauts, with separate heads and weapons available. See all our New Releases. Every £10 spent on physical orders this month will see you snag a free set of Flamboyant Agent Heads as well. Result!

Myths and Monsters News

Myths and Monsters PDF released

The tales of epic heroes Herakles and Odysseus form the core of our new 40 page 7th Voyage PDF – Myths and Monsters. Or play a ferocious monster from legend or take up your weapons to hunt them down. Author of 7th Voyage Matt Gibbs has worked endlessly chained to a rock, so the PDF is available NOW from our Store, priced £5.

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