• Copper and Bronze! Fear the Robo-Minion!


  • Oo! Oo! Oo! They want to be like you!

  • Oi, Sunshine! Shut it!

  • In that outfit, Lancelot Cray knew that Kitty Stroker wasn't hiding anything.

  • Solomon had to be careful or one of those Femdroids would have his eye out.

  • Darius enjoyed the Lotus position - especially at 200 M.P.H.

  • The lunchtime rush at the S.H.I.V.A. canteen was a nightmare.

  • Dr Landau impressed the other eggheads with his new cordless TV remote.

  • "'Allo, 'Allo, 'Allo! What's going on 'ere then?"

  • The only thing more expensive than jet fuel was the Daredevils' dry cleaning bill.

  • Sinbad confronted Al'Kadar before the wizard had had a chance to dry his hands!

  • Ratzi and LeBrock investigate


For Ghouls and Colleges print version unleashed!

We have slightly less than 100 copies of our 7ombieTV supplement For Ghouls and Colleges available for sale. Each comes with a printed set of the 29 cards in the book. Seriously, don’t hang about if you want one, we don’t know if/when we’ll reprint this. Find it here.

Tough Detectives News

Tough Detectives and Police Heads released!

We have a trio of new models straight from the screens of The Beat this month. No nonsense Scotsman DC Frank Skelton is joined by by the book DC Lenny Kennedy. Any similarity to the personalities of Graeme and Karl is unintentional. With them is the overlooked detective genius of WPC Cathy Black. £3.50 each or get them in a deal for £9. We also have two sets of Police heads, each £1.60, both are in the 5 for £7 deal. All are available in the Store. Stats for these models and the rest of the cast of The Beat will appear in the Heroic Programme Guide, out by April.


Rules Deals now available!

We now have Starter, Bumper and Ultimate 7TV Deals available; each come with one or more rulebooks in both physical and PDF formats, cards, tokens and dice. We also have a similar Starter Deal available for 7ombieTV. All these deals save you money and feature discounted shipping compared to buying the books and accessories individually. Check out the Special Offers Store page for links to all these deals.

Xmas 2012 640x295 B

Happy Holidays!

Right, we’re officially on Xmas time now. Obviously stuff like the Post Office takes some days off, plus we’ll be hanging with the families, so while things will still get done, please allow us a few extra days to clear our heads of cheap drink and get on with stuff.

Also, many thanks for sticking with us, we have some excellent plans for 2013, including getting loads of Programme Guide casts in print, 7th Voyage, another Salute blowout and loads of miniatures.

So a huge Merry Christmas from Graeme, Karl and everyone else who helps us out! We’re sure the presents you have all sent us are just a bit delayed in the post.

Dice & On Location

If you have any of the red/white original Crooked D6’s (with the laser cut 7TV logo) you can get blue ones to match as we ordered 60 when I restocked the 7ombieTV dice. These dice are 75p each, and are strictly limited edition!

We also have half a dozen or so half price On Location books. These have very minor spine damage, and are only £9 + P&P.

If you’d like either of these, please drop us an email and we’ll send you a PayPal request.


The Man From 2000 Programme Guide now available

The latest of our Programme Guides in now in store. This volume turns back the clock on project Time Lift – home of Darius, the Man From 2000. 54 pages of timey-whimey history, profiles (including dinosaurs!), cutaways, scripts and episodes to bring you some Christmas cheer!

The PDF is only £5 but includes a second £2 discount code toward the purchase of the combined print Heroes Programme Guide volume out in April which will include Department X, The Man From 2000 and The Beat.

Check the PDF out in our Store here!

Argo and the Argonauts

December releases / 25% off! / Last post

We go BIG in December with our first large releases in resin! First off we have Talos, the mechanical (giant) right hand man of the insane inventor Ulysses Argo. Then if that wasn’t enough damage potential, you can have the only-slightly smaller Argonauts as well. Thanks to Andy from Ainsty for the alchemical processing. He’ll be dead of toxic fumes by 21.

Plus during 1st-7th December we are offering 25% off all our products when you spend £40 or more. Simple enter the code DEC25OFF492 when you get to the cart to get the savings. Buy yourself or point a loved on in the right direction with a list and their credit card!

Finally last sensible festive ordering dates to get your goodies in time for the big day, foreign customs notwithstanding: Rest of the World 4th December, Europe 9th December and the UK 17th December. After these dates a delivery by 25th looks increasingly unlikely.

NOT @ Targe / 7ombieTV Downloads

Top BAD news is that due to Graeme having a bit of idiot confusion, Crooked Dice will NOT be trading at this year’s Targe show in Kirriemuir, on Saturday 10th November. Neverthless, if you’re thinking about going, go. Graeme might host a very very small 7TV show in his own house that day. Also, one of the Crisis guys (hi Ruud!) pointed out that I promised him 7ombieTV free downloads, and that there were in fact none. That’s fixed – check out the bottom of the 7ombieTV Page for tokens, cards, templates and the whole DIY cabin in the woods in PDF.

Nov12 releases

November releases: Minions, Misty, Coppers & Guard Dogs!

November sees our biggest release of miniatures to date with nine different models.

We have: Misty, Zombie Hunter; Two Minion Specialist sets – Bazooka Team, Grenadier and Dog Handler; Three Coppers including one with Guard Dog; and finally the Guard Dog is available individually. All in store now!

FGC launch 2

For Ghouls and Colleges is out! Leg it!

This 7ombieTV supplement brings a UK twist and some minor misdemeanours to your favourite horror skirmish game. Play cannibal ghouls such as the twisted Number 11 or two new survivor casts – the Girls of St Searle’s or the vicious Borstal Boys. It’s 44 pages packed with:

  • New weapons and rules for Ghoul casts; including a new Elder Ghoul Star and new Cannibal and Feral Child Extras
  • Three new casts – the Girls of St Searle’s, The Borstal Boys and the ghoulish Number 11 – each with Cast Event Cards.
  • Five episodes including a linked story with scenarios from Chris Viau and Mik Hollands
  • A new Spawn deck to use with the episodes, but generally useful for random zed generation and solo games.
  • A cardstock double decker from Wayne Peters
  • Background on the Barron Pictures failed foray into UK teen horror market by archivist Helena Rodings!
  • Cracking photography from Kevin Dallimore!

In store now!