• Copper and Bronze! Fear the Robo-Minion!


  • Oo! Oo! Oo! They want to be like you!

  • Oi, Sunshine! Shut it!

  • In that outfit, Lancelot Cray knew that Kitty Stroker wasn't hiding anything.

  • Solomon had to be careful or one of those Femdroids would have his eye out.

  • Darius enjoyed the Lotus position - especially at 200 M.P.H.

  • The lunchtime rush at the S.H.I.V.A. canteen was a nightmare.

  • Dr Landau impressed the other eggheads with his new cordless TV remote.

  • "'Allo, 'Allo, 'Allo! What's going on 'ere then?"

  • The only thing more expensive than jet fuel was the Daredevils' dry cleaning bill.

  • Sinbad confronted Al'Kadar before the wizard had had a chance to dry his hands!

  • Ratzi and LeBrock investigate

New Harwood stock

More 7th Voyage miniatures

We’re stocking nine new miniatures for use with 7th Voyage from Harwood Hobbies:

  • Kali Cultists – A three pack with Lesath, Kali Cultist Leader, Kali Cultist and Kali Deathdealer
  • Cursed Creatures – featuring the masked Visier and the tormented Harpy
  • Desert Slavers – A Dervish Avenger and Slave Girl two-pack; and
  • The Princess and the Wizard –  which sort of speaks for itself.

Available in store now!

Dice @ Carronade, Falkirk – Saturday 11th May

Doors are open at Carronade wargames show in Falkirk today. Were trading and running a demo game so come and see us if you are visiting.


7th Voyage Core Downloads PDF now available

To save you cutting up your book you can now download our event cards and tokens, reference pages and all kinds of useful stuff free. Click on the link below to download them directly.

The 7th Voyage Core Downloads PDF contains all 39 core rulebook Event cards and 42 Gadget cards, plus all the game Templates and Tokens. If you don’t want to buy ours, download and print them yourself in your own secret lair.

Dice @ Conpulsion, Edinburgh Teviot Sat 13th April

Graeme, lots of stock and the 2ft demo board will be at Conpulsion 2013 in Edinburgh Uni’s Teviot building on Saturday 13th April. If you’re coming, get a go of “20,000 Legs Under The Sea”, which faces Kitty Stroker and her SCUBA strike team against the MadameDroid and her bionic bordello of Femdroids, who for some inexplicable reason are building an army of meccano harridans. In a giant undersea base. It can only be 7TV… Join thousands of others who have paid £10 to see Mrs Crooked Dice North in a short skirt! Top stuff!

Sinbad minis News

Now stocking Sinbad & The Sorceror!

To get your games of 7th Voyage off with a bang, we are now stocking a couple of Wally Harwood’s figures from his excellent Sinbad range. Enjoy golden voyages with a swashbuckling Sinbad and evil wizard Al’Kadar!


Grandville launch

Grandville Miniatures coming soon

We’re pleased to announce our collaboration with Ocelot Games to stock their new range of miniatures based on Bryan Talbot‘s acclaimed Grandville graphic novels. Elegantly dressed humanoid animals, steampunk technology, romance and violence abound in these sumptuously drawn tales of intrigue and adventure.

Grandville Miniatures are a range of 28mm scale figures from Ocelot Games suitable for fans of the books, steampunk devotees and wargamers.

The first figures of intrepid Detective Inspector LeBrock and Sergeant Ratzi of the Yard, are nearing completion. Sculpted by the talented Jo Brumby, the final metal castings should be with us in time to sell at Salute on April 20th (ExCeL, London) on the Crooked Dice stand (TB07)  and will be available in the Crooked Dice web store in the following week.


Ratzi master



Future Freedom Fighters II & III released!

Have another 5 Future Freedom Fighters to get in the way of the plans of the Federated Security. Both deals have one male and one female Future Freedom Fighter, with FFF3 also containing the Oracle super computer (unbeaten at Tetris!). Check them out via our New Releases page. Let us know if you want these combined shipped with any outstanding orders you may have, or if you want to collect at Salute.


7th Voyage & Heroes Programme Guide pre-orders!

We’re proud to announce our two big releases for Salute 2013 are available to pre-order. Both feature print and/or PDF options, with cards and tokens also available for each, and you can get them posted out or collect at Salute.

7th Voyage is a complete miniatures game of stop motion mythic fantasy, while the Heroes Programme Guide contains full details for The Man From 2000, Department X and The Beat casts for 7TV. All new releases are on one page here.


7TV Rulebook price drop

Thinking about some top class inch high spy-fi gaming? Now you can get our 7TV rulebook for only £20 in decimal money, plus shipping if you’re further away than arm’s length. Prices on the PDF, print+PDF bundle and PDF to print upgrades have also been revised downwards. Find 7TV in our Store here.


The Beat Programme Guide Released

The Beat are a tough Police unit working the mean streets of London’s Greendock area. Roughing up villains and taking bribes are all in a day’s work. Get them into your games of 7TV with this excellent 48 page PDF, which also fully details Criminal casts for your games. Features new Archetypes, Extras, rules, weapons, vehicles, a new episode plus great art, photos, TV listings and an entire transit van’s worth of stolen stuff brilliant background.

This PDF also includes a code for £2 off the upcoming Heroic Programme Guide book, which will contain the Department X, Man From 2000 and The Beat PDF material. As a further bonus, anyone presenting us with all 3 codes (save £6!) gets the combined PDF free. This volume will be released in April 2013. Find the Beat PDF in our Store here.