Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish rules and accessories in stock

We are now stocking the Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish rulebook, tokens and cards sets! Published by Otherworld Miniatures, the rules utilise the Crooked Dice action:engine to help recreate old school tabletop action.

OFS rulebook cover

Suitable for beginners and veteran gamers alike, the fluid and fast-moving action:engine is a simple and elegant game system that gives your gaming encounters an epic atmosphere and depth of strategy. Choose from over 100 classic characters, monsters and minions to build your factions, from adventurers and acolytes, orcs and ogres, demons and dragons, and many more besides!

Wield arcane magic with mighty spells and enchanted artefacts. Experience thrilling adventures packed with unexpected encounters — wandering monsters, treacherous traps and the promise of a fabulous treasure glinting in the darkness…

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