November new releases + LICENSE!!!

Hot on the heels of The Witching Hour, comes November’s releases. We have the Department X Starter Set, print copies of Once and Future (until 7th November, if you buy a print copy and give us the order number for your PDF, you’ll get £4.50 off, the same as if you had bought the combined Print+PDF deal) and Once and Future/Myths and Monsters Cards.

AND finally… we can reveal our license… Australian action comedy DANGER 5! Set in a bizarre 1960s WW2, watch our slightly inept heroes try to kill Hitler (and fail!) Truly original TV, this is right up 7TV’s street. Why not check out the Danger 5 Starter Set contents (8 models, 3 D5 dice, stat booklet) while you google it on YouTube. Once you’ve watched it, you can’t unwatch it! Many many thanks to Kate and all at Dinosaur for enabling this one to happen.

AND we’ve still to release the Chronal Commandos, they’ll be along by the end of next week!

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