New Kickstarter launches Friday 29th March!

KS launch banner

Get ready for 7TV: Pulp with a new range of pulse-pounding pulp miniatures from Crooked Dice!

We will launch a new Kickstarter on Friday 29th March at 7pm GMT and close on Monday 1st April at 7pm GMT. It’s a short campaign with three main simple pledges – six heroes (£22), six villains (£22) or all 12 (£40) to support the upcoming release of the 7TV: Pulp boxed set in June 2019.

These miniature designs are based on the Star and Co-Star profiles from the forthcoming 7TV: Pulp game. However, while they complement the existing Crooked Dice range and 7TV skirmish rules, they are suitable for any pulp, horror or modern gaming settings. Sculpts have been brought to life by the very talented Ernst Veingart and will be cast in white metal.


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