Moving On

Moving on

Co-founder of Crooked Dice Graeme Dawson has decided it’s time to move on. It’s an amicable split so Graeme is now free to work on his solo album and see other people. Karl will now have the top floor of Crooked Towers all to himself – so he may finally take down Graeme’s signed photo of Bob Holness.

But never fear, miniature and rules production will continue uninterrupted, with new lead releases and 7TV second edition rules coming thick and fast. You may notice one change to the catalogue, as the Future Freedom Fighters and Federated Security ranges will be finding a new home with Graeme as he sets up his own new venture. In the meantime you can still get them by contacting Graeme at:

So we want to wish Graeme every happiness for the future and a massive thank you for shaping the company, rules and 7TV community over the last decade.


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