Giant Ape

Monkeying around

We are nothing if not eclectic. This month we have three different releases. First off we have the Brittanian Job – two nefarious racing drivers from the pages of the upcoming 1967 Annual. Next we have a Giant Ape, standing a mighty 50mm tall and mounted a 40mm base, he can terrorise jungles and skyscrapers alike.

New Terrain range

And last but not least, we release the first in our new 28mm, 1/50 scale resin terrain line. We are delighted to be the proud new owners of the former Pardulon range sculpted by the talented Jens Beckmann. Over the coming months we will be releasing new sections of the catalogue, plus adding new pieces from other sculptors.

So the first release is some handy scatter with a sci-fi theme – crates and barrels to populate your cargo holds and docking bay from this side of the galaxy to the next. There are nine new pieces available – sculpted by Jens, Ernst Veingart and Andre Chiquette.



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