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Welcome to the Pledge Manager for the COLONY 87 Kickstarter.

The Pledge Manager is integrated into the Crooked Dice Webstore to allow you to shop in on-line comfort.
Did you miss this kickstarter and have only just come across it? Are you unfamiliar with CD? Well, you can still do a late pledge by using the pledge manager here.
Click HERE to browse all kickstarter products.
Within the webstore you can:

  • choose what products from the Kickstarter you want
  • add any more stuff – be that Kickstarter or regular Crooked Dice products
  • let me know where to post it
  • And finally – pay for your Shipping

It’s vital that you complete this stage, as this will provide the production information needed for the casters and printers. The pledge manager will close on MONDAY 1st OCTOBER.


THEN PLEASE WAIT… until you receive the message on your Kickstarter Account with your unique discount code. That code will give you a discount equivalent to your pledge that you can use when you checkout of the webstore.
You may spend your credit in the pledge manager however you please! Simply pick any rewards you like and your discount code will deduct the credit you pledged for in the Kickstarter.

Choosing your pledge

All the Kickstarter products are listed below on this page or can be browsed using the right hand Product Categories menu on the store page. So simply match the products to your Pledge Level and Add On rewards.
+++You must include one of the following PLEDGE LEVEL products in your cart, as this calculates the correct shipping.+++

  • One Set Pledge – £30 (six miniatures) – choose just ONE of the Colony 87 sets from Waves One, Two or Three!
  • Two Sets Pledge – £55 (twelve miniatures) – choose any TWO Colony 87 sets from Wave One, Two or Three!
  • Three Sets Pledge – £80 (all eighteen miniatures) – receive ALL THREE Waves!
  • All-in Pledge – £100 receive ALL THREE sets and Pet Merchant, Alien Pets and Containment Pen ADD ONs.
  • Cyber/Security – £58 Just receive the new cyberpunk figures: FOUR Downtown Denizen figures DENIZENS, FOUR Port Security Officers, 2 Hover Cars.
  • Mega-Pledge – £150 Receive everything in the campaign! All THREE sets from the three waves in the Colony 87 range (18 figures) PLUS ALL Add Ons: Alien Pet Merchant, Alien Pets (3) and Containment Pen (4 pieces), 2 Hover Cars, Downtown Denizens (4 figures) and Port Security Officers (4 figures).

Stretch Goal Banners - ALL4
If you just made a £1 pledge, you do not need to choose a Pledge Level and will apply your shipping location at checkout shop as normal.

Free Stretch Goals

All twelve stretch goals are automatically included with every pledge over £30 – so you do not have to add them to your cart.
Stretch Goal Banners - LARGE

Adding extra items over your pledge level

Please feel free! Once you have chosen your Pledge Level product, you can choose anything from the Add Ons products – or indeed from anything else across the rest of the website – over and above your pledge level.
At checkout you will be charged for any products that exceed your discount code – plus your shipping for your total order. Please note that all products will ship together. Fulfilment is planned for November 2019.

Applying your discount code

When you have finished shopping:

  • Click on the Shopping Cart icon to go to your Cart page
  • Click on the Shipping Location menu and choose your shipping zone.
  • Click Update Totals to apply the correct flat shipping rate to your Cart
  • Enter your discount code in the box above Apply Coupon button and then click that button to update your cart
  • Your Cart Totals will deduct your pledge level. The remaining charge will be for your shipping and any extra goodies you have purchased from the store.
  • If all is correct, then simply click Proceed to Checkout



Please note that the MEGA-PLEDGE includes a further shipping charge added to the product to ship to non UK locations. This is added to the flat shipping costs charged at checkout to truly reflect the cost of postage of large or heavy items. Please select your current World location from the dropdown menu.


If you didn’t sign up to the Kickstarter, then never fear! You still have until Tuesday 1st October to join in.
You can simply shop in the store as normal choosing any KS pledges or Add ons, or anything else across the rest of the website. Again, please note that if you combine KS and non-KS items will ship together unless you otherwise specify and opt to pay the additional shipping for separate deliveries. Otherwise fulfilment is planned for November 2019.
If you have any questions please contact us at
Thank you!

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