KS: May Queens Unlocked

We’ve unlocked another stretch goal in our Children of the Fields Kickstarter

The May Queens are now available to be added to pledges for £12 – or free to all ‘Manor Born’ pledges. We’ll keep you updated on progress of the sculpts in the next couple of weeks.

May Queens

I’ve also updated the goal levels for the next three stretches. Hopefully we can build on the cracking start to the campaign and work toward these over the weekend.

Traditionally Kickstarters go a bit quiet mid-campaign, so this is where we need your help to share posts, tell all your friends and generally make a nuisance of yourself frothing to strangers about Crooked Dice!

If we do really well, then I’ll share the next stretch goals images… who wants to see a Hobby Horse and Strawbear… or maybe even Lady Winterly riding her driftwood steed?

But meanwhile, we have the the Brood to unlock at £13k. Sculpted by Iain Colwell and painted here for display by Simon Bradley. Go get ‘em!



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