December 13 News

Kneel before S.H.I.V.A.!

Lots of new goodies in store to to bring you Christmas cheer.

Standing almost the height of three men, The Destroyer is an animated construct created to smash the enemies of S.H.I.V.A. Taking great strides, The Destroyer uses its great scimitars to sweep all before it, and its huge fists to hammer any that remain standing. It is totally without remorse, created only to destroy. Sculpted by Andrew May – all 80mm of him!

Next is Bolo who serves the Guru as his master trainer and personal bodyguard. His regime is so demanding that some participants do not survive the experience. He leads three Thuggees who are devoted to the art of killing the enemies of S.H.I.V.A., striking without mercy and disappearing back into the shadows. Plus you can turn even the most mundane Minion into a turbaned terror with this set of three Thuggee heads!

And finally we have a Repair Drone. With almost all of Ulysses Argo’s minions being made of metal, keeping them in working order is critical. His Repair Drones scuttle around affecting ad-hoc fixes during battles, deftly welding plates back on or performing quick rewires. Although not designed for combat, their appendages can deal out nasty injuries. Sculpted by Andrew Maclachlan.

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