July News

July is Federated Security month!

July sees a raft of Federated Security Reinforcements available in Store: The Commander (£4 including balaclava and helmet head), two female Mutaints (£3.25 each or £6 for both) and the Security Robot (£6). Get them ALL in a great Deal for only £15.

The Commander is back again in July’s Deal of the Month leading 9 Federated Security Troopers (3 each of 3) for only £22 – that’s saving £7.50!

And lastly, you can get a sprue of 3 Federated Security Carbines for £1.60. These are also available as part of our 5 for £7 Deal.

Thanks to Ian Mountain for the sculpt work and to Kev Dallimore for the painting and photography. A quick note – Graeme is on holiday 5-12 July, so last orders for posting will be midnight on 3rd July, otherwise you’re waiting until week commencing 15th July.

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