Future Freedom Fighters Pre-Orders

After what seems like 1,000,000 years, the ever-rumoured Future Freedom Fighters Programme Guide is finished, and the cards are off to print. The PDF contains background on all the profiles, 4 scenarios, 72 cards detailing full cast lists for both the Future Freedom Fighters and the forces of the Federated Security, plus 20 all-new gadget cards. The card set comprises 72 profile cards and 20 gadget cards, and to play the cast you need either the cards OR the PDF. Both casts can play against each other, or can be mix and matched with any other 7TV 2nd edition casts.

We’re expecting the printed cards in the first two weeks of October, and we’ll launch the PDF when it arrives. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the cards and get the PDF immediately FREE. As well as this, you can snag a pair of exclusive FFF and FedSec badges to show your allegiance.

Get the pre-order HERE

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