Dicestarter 2 – PRE-ORDER


What’s a Dicestarter?

Simply, it’s a pre-order campaign to help fund the production of a reprint of the 7TV Boxed set.


So if you missed the first print run, or have downloaded the free 7TV PDF and just want to upgrade, then join the Dicestarter and get the second (and final) printing of the 7TV boxed set!8px-square


We’ve updated the rulebooks and profile cards with all the latest miniature photos and errata – so you can enjoy the definitive version.


During the campaign you can purchase the 7TV BOXED SET set for £40 which is 20 per cent off the £50 RRP off.


Just add miniatures…

Need some miniatures for 7TV or want to add a new cast? Then for just £60 you can buy the BOXED SET PLUS TWO STARTER CASTS (that’s eight minis per cast, so 16 miniatures!) from a choice of these ten different casts:

Action Aliens Army Crime DXMad-ScienceMinions 3Occult Police SHIVA8px-square

What is 7TV?

7TV is our tabletop miniatures game of high-octane spy-fi action set in the worlds of 1960s and 70s cult TV shows. Spies, minions, masterminds, ghosts, aliens, officialdom, hitmen, coppers and metal killers are all waiting for you. Relive some of 7TV Studio’s great lost shows or create your own and reach new audiences! 7TV is back in 2015 with an all new 2nd edition, so grab your shooting script and lets go!



The basic rules allow you to put together a cast of between 3 and 24 (or more!) models and fight other casts in abandoned warehouses, secret volcano lairs, forbidding jungles and underwater bases – in fact anywhere you like! Use your star qualities, special effects and gadgets to get your mission accomplished before the countdown ends and the episode is over. The core rules are generic, so if you’ve seen it on screen or had a dream about your perfect lineup, you can put your cast together quicker than ever before.


Click here to find out more information on 7TV.


What’s in the box?



This contains all the rules and cards you need to play 7TV, with dice, counters, tokens and a blast template. The rules have been updated and mercilessly spellchecked from the free beta PDF version, and now come in two full colour rulebooks packed with background and photographs from the world of 7TV. The full components of the boxed set are:


48 page Director’s Guide book • 32 page Producer’s Guide book
74 Hero & 74 Villain profile cards • 27 status & objective tokens
45 Countdown cards • 20 Gadget cards • 20 Plot Point tokens
Blast & Flamethrower template • Pewter Maguffin miniature • Six D6


How long does the campaign run?

This pre-order campaign runs for six weeks from Friday  29 September to Sunday 19th November. After this date, and until the stock physically arrives, you will still be able to pre-order, although the box set will change to £50. So if you really want the deals you see now, get it before the campaigns ends!


So how do I order?

Simply choose the Dicestarter products from the list below. The boxed set can be bought seperately or with the two starter casts, plus individual 7TV game components can be added too.


Can I add other stuff to my order?

No problem at all. Feel free to add any other products from the range when you order. However, if you order any other non-dicestarter products, these will only ship when your whole order is complete. So if you want them before everything ships in January, just contact us to let us know at mail@crooked-dice.co.uk and we we will arrange the additional postage costs.



So when do I get it?

All orders will get fulfilled when we receive the stock in early January 2018. Orders will go out in the same order we received them. We expect our order Minions to get through these orders in just a few days.


Postage costs

Please note that the size and weight of the box means the package size is a small parcel. So this additional cost has been added to the normal postage price for any book orders, by postal region (UK, Europe and Rest of World).