Dice Office moves South!

We are moving the entire Crooked Office down to Karl’s in Lincolnshire. This will let Graeme spend all his time writing new 7TV material and working on new games. We are taking on Anna as our new postage and orders slave Minion, and Karl will oversee this work from his dictator balcony and drink lots of Tea. This is a big rethink, and should allow us maximum productivity going forwards. Should.

This is preceded by another holiday for Graeme, who is off to Summerisle to look for a missing girl. As a result, the last orders north of the border will be processed on THU 6th August. Service will hopefully resume on MON 17th August in the Fens after Anna has been trained up a bit . All orders received in between will go in a huge pile, skewered on a boar tusk.

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