We’re keeping on with spreading our Crooked wares on tour this year, and we’re hoping to pressgang a few more slaves volunteers to work in our dank subterranean plutonium mines. Here are the shows we are attending and considering for 2014 so far.

G=Graeme and K=Karl. Various Crooked Minions may also be in attendance at some of these shows.

2014 Shows

Carronade, Falkirk, 10th May 2014
Trading only. G

Sheffield Triples, 17th-18th May 2014
Trading only. K

Skelp, Forfar, 18th October 2014
Trading. G

FIASCO, Leeds, 26th October 2014
Trading and Participation Game. G

Crisis, Antwerp, 1 November October 2014

Targe, Kirriemuir, 8th November 2014
Trading. G

Warfare, Reading, 15-16 November October 2014
Trading and Participation GameG