We’re keeping on with spreading our Crooked wares on tour this year, and we’re hoping to pressgang a few more slaves volunteers to work in our dank subterranean plutonium mines. Here are the shows we are attending and considering for 2016-7 so far.

2016-17 Shows

Vapnartak, York, 5 February 2017 Trading. 

ROBIN, Nottingham, 12 February 2017 Trading. 

Hammerhead, Newark, 4 March 2017 Trading and Gaming

Salute 2017, London ExCeL, Saturday 22nd April 2017 (TBC) Trading and Gaming.

Partizan, Newark, Saturday 21st May 2017 (TBC) Trading. 

Colours, Newbury Race Course, Saturday 16th September 2017 (TBC) Trading.