We’re keeping on with spreading our Crooked wares on tour this year, and we’re hoping to pressgang a few more slaves volunteers to work in our dank subterranean plutonium mines. Here are the shows we are attending and considering for 2015 so far.

G=Graeme and K=Karl. Various Crooked Minions may also be in attendance at some of these shows.

2015 Shows

Salute 2015, London ExCeL, Saturday 25th April 2015
Trading and Gaming. G&K

Carronade, 9th May 2015, Graeme High School, Falkirk

Sheffield Triples, 16-17th May 2015
Trading and gaming.K

UK Game Expo, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th May 2015, NEC Hilton Metropole, Birmingham

Partizan, Saturday 31st May 2015, Kelham Hall, Newark

Colours, Newbury 12th September 2015
Trading only. K

Crisis, Antwerp, Belgium, November 2015
Trading only. K

Warfare, Reading, November 2015
Trading and gaming. K

We are currently on the reserve trader list for Hammerhead (28 Feb, Newark) and Derby Wargames World (Oct 3-4). We will confirm if and when we get a spot!