7TV Directors

DIRECTOR’S LINKS: Director’s Info page HERE. Director’s Facebook page HERE.


What Is A Director?

As much as we like micro-managing endless amounts of Minions to their eventual unpleasant deaths, we can’t be everywhere at once. We enlist the help of others to do our dirty work for us, we find they’re quite good at it once we fit them with their brain chip. Our Directors get out to clubs and stores and play our games, showing them off to old hands and especially new players. They are people who love a bit of 7TV, and who have minds fizzing with ideas for new casts and exciting episodes.

In return for this effort they get discounts on our stuff, and they can share these discounts with people they play their game with. Directors can also get their hands on various exclusive Directors deals to start or grow their collections of rules and models. We think it’s a good deal and that everyone wins!

If you’re a player, or want to try playing our games then either get onto our Facebook page and post looking for a Director to sort you a game, or Contact Us and we’ll put you in touch with them. Our Directors are fairly tame, most don’t bite, and they will all get you some games under your belt.

Can I Become A Director?

We will take offers from anyone in a location/club not already covered by an existing Director. Obviously you’ll need to get playing and painting regularly if you don’t already. Contact Us and we will let you know what’s what.

Where Are Your Directors Already?

We currently have directors in the following locations, but are looking to expand. If you would like to contact the Director for a particular location, Contact Us and we’ll put you in touch.

Aberdeen Wargames Club Aberdeen, Scotland
Aftermath  Norwich, England
BDW  Basildon, England
Conwy Wargames Club  Conwy, Wales
Dundee Wargames Club Dundee, Scotland
Mad Dog and Englishmen  Sheffield, England
Milton Hundreds Wargames Club  Sittingbourne, England
North Ayrshire Wargames Club  Irvine, Scotland
Penarth and District Wargames Club  Penarth, Wales
SEEMS  Hockley, England
Sheffield Wargames Society  Sheffield, England
Solent Wargames Club  Portsmouth, England
Thors Hammer Gaming Club  Borehamwood, England

Miniature Wargames Society of Sacramento Sacramento, CA
Stores in Area Lodi, CA