Crooked Info

Crooked Dice specialise in wargames rules and miniatures inspired by the many and varied iconic worlds of 60s-70s Cult TV.

Crooked Dice is me, Karl Perrotton – the lovechild of David Baddiel and an excitable control freak. A graphic designer by trade and a geek by birth, an unhealthy interest in old sci-fi TV and miniature gaming seemed a frankly ludicrous combination for setting up Crooked Dice.

Crooked Dice is small but perfectly formed. It’s a one man operation – so I write, design and produce all the rules, spec the miniatures, run the webstore, answer the emails and forum posts and do all the packing and shipping. Our output is small and perfectly formed – running the creative end from our secret underground bunker.

Team Crooked at Salute 2012:
Back row (L to R): Helena & Morgan’s Mum, Vicky, Matt, Tim, Paul, Matt, Chiara, Morgan, Matt.
Front Row (L to R): Helena, Graeme, Karl, Tom.

Our pewter casting is thanks to the miracle workers at Griffin Moulds (Jane, Rob and Lisa), Andy at Ainsty Castings and Martyn at MDP for production of our lovely toys.

Special thanks must go to the amazing sculptors who have brought the 7TV world to life: Jo Brumby, Martin Buck, Mark Evans, George Fairlamb, Shane Hoyle, Andrew Maclachlan, Andrew May, Steve McGuire, Neil Mckenzie, Ian Mountain, Andrew Rae, Greg Storey, Bill Thornhill, Ernst Veingart and Kev White.

For dazzling brushwork, we need to thank: Jon Atter, Simon Bradley, Martin Buck, Kev Dallimore, Mark Dixon, Matt Slade and Andrew Taylor.