Crooked Info

Graeme and Karl are gaming geeks separated at birth to preserve the world from their unhealthy interest in old sci-fi TV. After dabbling with many sets of self made rules they have decided to unleash their Mac skills and throw down the D6 gauntlet to launch Crooked Dice.

Team Crooked at Salute 2012:
Back row (L to R): Helena & Morgan’s Mum, Vicky, Matt, Tim, Paul, Matt, Chiara, Morgan, Matt.
Front Row (L to R): Helena, Graeme, Karl, Tom.

When not gaming or watching old sci-fi TV, Graeme and Karl lie dormant – the very concept of other interests is alien to them. Between them they have 3 children and 2 wives, and live exactly 374.687 miles apart. We measured it. With a tape measure.

One of our Minions at the Office hard at it.

All Work and no Pay
Even the smallest Minion is put to work in our Office to plan for global domination. Seen here doing some complex missile trajectory calculations.

Please be aware that we are literally a part-time 2 man operation – we write, design and produce all our own rules and website. We answer the emails and forum posts and do all the packing and shipping. Our output is small and perfectly formed – we run the creative end from our secret underground Living Rooms, on our Macs, and the Office side from our secret err… Office. Any bigger and we’ll outgrow ourselves – we barely have room for our awards as it is.

All Crooked Dice business decisions are reached only after countless emailed arguments and threatened lawsuits. One day we will publish the contents of our inboxes as memoirs, just for a laugh.