Colony 87 Kickstarter ends 20th August 8pm GMT

C87 24 HOURS
The fourth crooked Kickstarter will end tomorrow at 8pm.

Colony 87 had grown in power over the decades. It was now the most important centre for trade, industry, science and arts in the sector. Millions flocked to the Colony; the rich and the powerful, the ambitious and the desperate. There was a place for them all, no matter how high-born or lowly.


The aim of this project is to produce NEW 28mm scale sci-fi civilian miniatures for the Colony 87 range for use in RPGs and tabletop wargames. Plus there is an opportunity to pick up the figures in the previous two successful kickstarter campaigns – and some new add-ons. This Kickstarter will enable the figures to be production moulded and cast in white metal.

The figures have been designed with a retro sci-fi aesthetic by fantasy illustrator Will Beck and sculpted by ace figure designers Michael Anderson, Micheal Lovejoy, John Pickford, Andrew May and Ernst Veingart. In addition to a new set of SIX civilians, there are new additional characters, pets and accessories available as Add Ons and Stretch Goals.

Stretch Goal Banners - LARGE


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