Children of the Fields: Kickstarter Update

Thank you! 24 hours in and with your help we were funded in 18 minutes, and are already well on the way to unlocking four of the stretch goals!

If you want to join the campaign, or simply find out more, then check out our Kickstarter page.

The first stretch goal unlocked was a print version of the Children of the Fields Programme Guide. It’s 40 pages of background, profiles, tactics, episodes and some stunning photography by Kev Dallimore – just add £7 to your pledge.


The second stretch goal was the Murder of Crows. Eight flapping and pecking little bleeders to do the Crow King’s bidding. Just add £6 to your pledge to get them.


The Husks have now been unlocked too. These are the shambling, dusty corpses of Winterly’s long dead. They are raised from the earth by the diabolical Black Goat as a final insult to the residents of Winterly, and a reminder that there is still a tithe to pay him – even in death…


So just add £12 to your pledges to get five of these ancient zombies and help unlock the next stretch goal. It’s a big one at £8000 with the towering Strawman!

Strawman UL

All the campaign stretch goals are Add-Ons, which work out cheaper than the final retail price. So simply add the value to your pledge and we will figure out what items you want in the pledge manager when the campaign ends.

This stretch and all the rest are free in the ‘To the Manor Born’ Pledge. I’ve shown some of the stretch goals, but there are more to come if things go mad (about 20 more figures in total), so pledging big gets you a hefty discount, plus also helps nudge the total to unlock more stuff.


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