May Releases

By Your Command!

Argomania has gripped Crooked Towers this month! We have eight new miniatures: two packs of three Mk2 Argonauts (Deal One) and (Deal Two) armed with rifles and two unarmed versions (Deal Three). All come with a choice of two heads. Speaking of heads we also have two new sprues – SAS Gasmask and Helmeted Soldiers – perfect for X-Commando conversions. And speaking of conversions, we also have six new Argonaut Mk3 Weapon Arms available for the bigger resin Mk3 Argonauts to make these bronze behemoths even more dangerous!

NOTE!: Argonaut Mk2 Deal One & Two are expected in Store Monday 4th May – orders for these will be held until they get here. Minor stock adjustments underway…

Mk III Argonaut Weapon Arms

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