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On Location PDF (7TV 1st edition)


7TV packs its bag and heads off to explore mountaintop lairs, seabases, lunar outposts… and more! Rules for 6 environments, new weapons, casts, extras, gadgets, 5 episodes with a mini campaign – and brand new equipment cards to outfit your cast with all the gear they’ll need to survive an outside broadcast. So book your flights, get your jabs and tune into 7TV 112 page PDF.

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7TV ventures into the desert, arctic, underwater, darkness, altitude and even space to make your episodes even more nail biting! 112 highly charged pages containing:

  • New rules for Equipment and Environments – Darkness, Desert, Space, Underwater, High Altitude and Snow
  • Three full casts: The Albion Rocket Consortium, The Daredevils and the villainous Iron Ceiling
  • New Extras and animals – from Paratroopers to the Giant Octopus
  • New Weapons including the Elephant Gun
  • More special effects
  • All new Event, Gadget and brand new Equipment cards
  • Five new episodes including full cast lists
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