7TV: Pulp Boxed set – now in store

The world of 7TV continues to grow with the release our third boxed set – 7TV:Pulp!

7TV: Pulp is a tabletop skirmish game inspired by the American cinema serials and pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s. Designed to work with the 7TV 2nd edition rules, 7TV: Pulp rules contained within this box are stand alone, but are intended to allow players to run games within the many fantastic, hardboiled or thrilling worlds of the pulp genre. Find out more here.

7TV: Pulp is the product of a unique collaboration between Crooked Dice Game Design Studio, developers of 7TV and 7TV: Apocalypse, and Creative Writing students from Edge Hill University in the northwest of England.You can learn more about how this two year project came about on the 7TV:Pulp development blog.

Pulp Box overview

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