2nd Edition: The Profile Cards

I’m going to post some news on a regular basis about the 2nd Edition – info on the changes, rules, contents as well as new rules and PDFs to let you use EVEN MORE models in the game. Phew. Today it’s the profile cards…

One of the most obvious things we’ve done in 2nd Edition is to put the model profiles onto cards for ease of reference during play. There’s over 120 different cards for the models, vehicles and units in the core rules. All are available in the free 2nd Edition PDF (45 pages of the 90 page PDF are pages of profile, gadget and countdown cards!), but later on you’ll also be able to buy the cards as a fully printed deck if the thought of a lot of cutting out is a bit much.

Each card has all the info on affiliation (hero/villain or neutral), genre, ratings, stats, attacks and special rules for one model type. So what does this amazing card look like?


The back (not shown) lists each special effect and star quality, along with their rules.

So… why did we go for cards?

Well, it’s incredibly handy to have all the rules you need right there. The old roster sheet is fine (and the new rules also have one you can use of you prefer), but notably don’t have the room to list the rules for each special effect. We’ve cut down the numbers of special effects each model has, but if you’re playing with a lot of diverse models, it’s still a lot of info. With the cards, the info is right there.

The cards don’t need sleeved, but if you print them on paper you might want to for durability. If you sleeve them you can record hits taken on the Health circles bottom middle of the card, or you can note these with tokens as in the 1st edition. The cards come 4 to an A4 page, so you can even just print out the ones you need for any game.

The vehicle cards have a simpler format, as they have less stats and no weapons to keep track of. Units also have cards, each one details the models you can include in any one unit.

Going the cards route does throw up a few issues regarding modifying profiles. There are experimental rules on tweaking the Stars and Co-Stars, change x for y ratings etc. Since the Stars and Co-Stars are fixed profiles on the cards you’ll have to detail these creations on either a blank card (we’ll give you these) or write them down on a roster sheet.

The Extras come as fixed profiles for fixed points. Some (e.g. Minions, Cultists) might have weapon options (Pistol, Rifle, SMG) but now the ranges and effects of these weapons have been adjusted so one shouldn’t be more powerful than the other, they’re just good at different things.

So for example, Minions are 2 ratings each (or 3 for 5 ratings), and come with a cosh and either a pistol, rifle or SMG. No options for grenades, and if you want a Dog Handler or Commander then that’s a different card.

And that’s the cards!