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7TV Rulebook price drop

Thinking about some top class inch high spy-fi gaming? Now you can get our 7TV rulebook for only £20 in decimal money, plus shipping if you’re further away than arm’s length. Prices on the PDF, print+PDF bundle and PDF to print upgrades have also been revised downwards. Find 7TV in our Store here.


The Beat Programme Guide Released

The Beat are a tough Police unit working the mean streets of London’s Greendock area. Roughing up villains and taking bribes are all in a day’s work. Get them into your games of 7TV with this excellent 48 page PDF, which also fully details Criminal casts for your games. Features new Archetypes, Extras, rules, weapons, […]

Stock In and Out…

The Conch Kin Victim is back IN stock, in limited quantities, after a round of respins. But The Guru and the associated Evil Mastermind heads are now OUT of stock. You win some, you lose some.


MadameDroid and SCUBA Divers released!

Ever busy here at the Crooked Volcano lair, we’ve managed to get Kev Dallimore to paint our newest releases: 3 SCUBA Divers and our 100th miniature, the fearsome MadameDroid. Full details of which are in the Store, right now, check out our new releases here.