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Xmas 2012 640x295 B

Happy Holidays!

Right, we’re officially on Xmas time now. Obviously stuff like the Post Office takes some days off, plus we’ll be hanging with the families, so while things will still get done, please allow us a few extra days to clear our heads of cheap drink and get on with stuff. Also, many thanks for sticking […]

Dice & On Location

If you have any of the red/white original Crooked D6’s (with the laser cut 7TV logo) you can get blue ones to match as we ordered 60 when I restocked the 7ombieTV dice. These dice are 75p each, and are strictly limited edition! We also have half a dozen or so half price On Location […]


The Man From 2000 Programme Guide now available

The latest of our Programme Guides in now in store. This volume turns back the clock on project Time Lift – home of Darius, the Man From 2000. 54 pages of timey-whimey history, profiles (including dinosaurs!), cutaways, scripts and episodes to bring you some Christmas cheer! The PDF is only £5 but includes a second […]

Argo and the Argonauts

December releases / 25% off! / Last post

We go BIG in December with our first large releases in resin! First off we have Talos, the mechanical (giant) right hand man of the insane inventor Ulysses Argo. Then if that wasn’t enough damage potential, you can have the only-slightly smaller Argonauts as well. Thanks to Andy from Ainsty for the alchemical processing. He’ll […]