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STORE | Future Freedom Fighters plus MORE Minions | 1st October 2012
Future Freedom Fighters 1 plus new Baton and Pistol
                Minions!Ian Mountain sculpts us the first of 2 excellent Future Freedom Fighters, available as a pair for £8. Then Mark Evans reinforces our Minions range with 2 each armed with batons and pistols. £3 each or the deal of 4 for £10. October's Deal of the Month is 6 Federated Security, Winterly, Travers plus both new Future Freedom Fighters for £22.
Future Freedom Fighters
| Minion Deal | Minions

STORE | SHIVA Programme Guide out now! | 2nd September 2012
Check out the SHIVA
                Programme Guide!Our second Programme Guide details the evil SHIVA organisation. Led by the sinister Guru and his deadly henchmen, SHIVA operates from secret locations around the world. Bring unlimited evil and hordes of expendable minions to your games of 7TV! 42 pages of PDF with on and off-screen histories, background, locations and full stats for all of SHIVA's lethal personnel. This PDF also includes an episode, new Gadget and 3 unique SHIVA Event Cards. Click on the image to go to the Store and make all who oppose the will of SHIVA tremble!.

STORE | Troad, Gascoigne & Argo out now! | 1st September 2012
Sir Benton Troad, Bambi Gascoigne and Ulysses ArgoProject Time Lift chief Sir Benton Troad, his assistant and history expert Miss Bambi Gascoigne and ultimate evil roboticist Ulysses Argo. Get these priceless 7TV characters for only £4 each. Troad and Bambi Deal £7.50, Argo Deal coming soon. Masterfully sculpted by Ian Mountain.
Troad & Bambi Deal | Troad | Bambi | Argo

STORE | Department X Programme Guide out now! | 26th August 2012
Check out the
                Department X Programme Guide!Our Programme Guides will detail one 7TV cast in serious detail. The Department operates in secret, staffed by spies, oddballs and geniuses. They tackle all kinds of weird and unexplained cases, and now you can join them on the table. 42 pages of PDF with on and off-screen histories, background, locations and full stats for all the Department's notable staff. This PDF also includes an episode and 3 unique Department X Event Cards. Click on the image to go to the Store and join the greatest force for good in 'modern' England.

STORE | Bank Holiday Bumper 7TV Deal | 22nd August 2012
3 PDFs + our
                awesome 7TV Rulebook! Get it now!From right now until 31st August you can pick up a bumper deal of 7TV for only £25 +shipping! Get the 184 page hardback Core Rulebook, the PDF of the same plus The Menagerie and Rogues' Gallery PDFs. The PDFs download instantly, the rulebook will get posted using our standard Minion Mail®. Click the covers to get it!

STORE | More Time Lift Security & August Deal of the Month | 1st August 2012
Click to see our
                new Time Lift SecurityKeep protecting the nation from all manner of time incursions with 3 new Time Lift Security models. Male with pistol, female and male with rifles. £8.50 for all 3 or £3.25 each.
TLS 2 Deal | TLS 2 Single Models

Our August DotM is the 48 page Summer Special PDF for £2.50 (that's half price). All sorts of essential 7TV material in one handy supplement, ideal for taking on your summer holidays.

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Sir Benton Troad, Bambi Gascoigne & Ulysses Argo

Troad, Benton &

2 Time Lift characters plus the evil head behind the monstrous Argonauts (coming soon). £4 each or both TLS models for £7.50

Troad & Bambi Deal | Troad | Bambi | Argo

7TV – Inch High Spy-Fi!

7TV & On Location –
                    Inch High Spy-Fi!

7TV is our highly acclaimed ruleset for wargaming all manner of Cult TV. On Location sets your games in all manner of exotic locations – from undersea bases to the freezing arctic or burning deserts.

7TV | On Location

Next Release:

New stuff includes 3 more TLS and the first of our Future Freedom Fighters. No pictures (yet) but they will be along pretty soon.

We're also working on the first of our 7TV Programme Guides. This one will concentrate on Department X and SHIVA. PDF as soon as.

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